The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Bulgaria is a politically independent authority, guaranteeing the supremacy of the Constitution. It is independent from the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary.

Although its decisions, which revoke laws and other acts have political consequences as the political aims for their adoption is being defeated, the Constitutional Court is not and should not be referred to as a political court.

The Constitutional Court provides binding interpretations of the Constitution; establishes unconstitutionality of the laws and other acts passed by the National Assembly, as well as of the acts issued by the President; settles competence disputes between the National Assembly the President and the Council of Ministers, as well as between the bodies of local self-government and the central executive authorities; rules on the consistency of international treaties concluded by the Republic of Bulgaria with the Constitution prior to the ratification of any such treaties, as well as on the consistency of any (domestic) laws with the universally recognized standards of international law and with the international treaties whereto Bulgaria is a party; rules on disputes concerning the constitutionality of political parties and associations, the legitimacy of the election of the President and Vice President, the legitimacy of the election of Members of Parliament; rules on impeachments entered by the National Assembly against the President or the Vice President.

The Constitutional Court consists of 12 Justices, whereof one-third are elected by the National Assembly, one-third are appointed by the President, and one-third are elected at a general meeting of the judges of the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administrative Court.

The term of office of the Constitutional Court Justices is nine years. They may not be reelected upon expiration of this term. The composition of the Constitutional Court of each quota is being renewed every three years.

Only jurists of high professional standing and moral integrity who have practised law for at least 15 years are eligible to the office.

More information about the status of the Constitutional Court is available under section “Documents”: Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and Constitutional Court Act.

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