The Inspectorate with the Supreme Judicial Council is a body within the judicial system. It was created in 2007 with the adoption of respective changes in the  Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria (art. 132a). The Inspectorate is an independent authority  examining  the operation of the judicial authorities without affecting the independence of judges, jurors, prosecutors and investigating magistrates in the performance of their functions.

The Inspectorate consists of an Inspector General and ten inspectors. The Inspector General and the inspectors are independent in the performance of their functions and shall be subservient only to the law.

The Inspector General is elected by the Parliament by a majority of two-thirds of its members for a term of five years. The inspectors are elected by the Parliament for a term of four years. The Inspector General and the inspectors may be re-elected, but not for two sequential terms of office.

Lawyers with a high professional and moral characteristics with at least 12 years of legal service record can be elected as Inspector General and inspectors. Nominations are made by Members of Parliament. Nominations should be supported by a written statement of detailed reasons and accompanied by a written consent of the nominee. Among the documents submitted by the nominees are written concepts regarding their work and property statements which are being published thereafter.

The nominees are being heard by an election committee at an open session. The committee shall put forward the nominations to the National Assembly by drafting a report on the professional qualities and integrity of the candidates. The nominations shall be put to the vote based on the report, which shall include conclusions concerning: the minimum legal requirements to take the post; the availability of data that calls into question the candidate's integrity, qualification, experience and professional qualities; the specific background, qualities and motivation for the post concerned; the public reputation of the candidate and the public support for them.

The Inspectorate acts on its own initiative, on the initiative of citizens, legal persons or state bodies, including judges, prosecutors and investigating magistrates. It presents an annual report on its operation to the Supreme Judicial Council. The Inspectorate shall approach other state bodies, including the competent judicial authorities, with alerts, proposals and reports. It  makes the information on its activity public.

More information about the appointment process of Chief Judges is available under section “Documents”: Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and Judiciary System Act.

The TJAI covered the appointment of an inspector at the Inspectorate in April 2012. You may find the procedure and the prepared profile here, available in Bulgarian. For more details you can reach us at: